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June 05, 2012


Why aren't you writing on your blog????????

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These linens look like they would be great for a more traditional style home. Thanks for the heads up.

Are you tired of your plain old boring metal bed frame? If you're on the prowl for a new look in your bedroom, make one of these beautiful beds the centerpiece to your bedroom furniture.

I am very happy to see your new works. They are GREAT!!!After buing your wonderfull book I have statred to paint with pastels. Now I am reading Lois Griffel book about Hawthorne's color philosophy and statred to wonder how you choose colors in your paintings? Do you use any underpainting or preselected color palette?

Sabean caught linngtihg in a bottle with Huff, Burrell, Torres. Does anybody seriously doubt Johns scenario of big ass contracts for old slow players like he alludes to if Sabean is still around and the Giants stay in this thing.?

How could they not be perfect? Between the child, his hetarige and the photographer, what other options are there besides perfection? My only complaint' is that I want to see more.

Carla Ten Eyck - ok when I slim down a lot more you are defintely gonna do a sexy shoot with me!!!! You roekcd this-I can totally see your energy and feel how comfortable you made her feel!Um and btw your web site is kicking some MAJOR ASS!!! Holy Cow! You are one talented lady!MAZELTOV!!

Make sure you have enough stogare space throughout the house especially in the master closet. Part of maintaining the clean modern look is having a place to put all your crap. It never looks anywhere near "minimalist" if you have stacks of clothes and blankets, etc. all over your bedroom.

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