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May 14, 2012


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Fantastic...so happy to see a new post, and one as spectacular as this!

Sharon Cline - Big fan of Sara & The Lady Jane and Jodi Photography. Add my favorite hildoay into the recipe and a perfect day ensues! So happy that you featured Sara and her beloved shop in your blog. Thanks for giving us a glimpse inside The Lady Jane! <3

- Well shoot. I loved every single thing about this blog expcet for one thing- I live WAY too far away! Wish I could shop there ALL THE TIME! Way to go guys!

thank you so much ;)

- I am one of these cranky, culdemguonry people who is not a fan of babies or children. (yes, they love me and we get along great usually). I like to get away as quickly as possible and go have a drink with mature adults who are a little bit quieter. But I have to say Jessica, after pouring through your images on this blog, I found myself laughing out loud, saying wow , smiling and giggling to myself, and really enjoying all that is child'. which is saying A LOT. It means you are a fantastic photographer, and do what I haven't seen done in most other children's portrait work- you TRULY capture a feeling and a moment. You don't pose the kids, or ask them to act in any way artificial, you are there to engage with your subjects and then capture the moments you see as real. I can feel as if I was there with you when you took the picture. That is so incredibly rare. Anyway, I thought you would want to know that a dog loving child-o-phobe' would have this reaction to your images. Really really awesome work.

- HAHA Was great fun gewees, fotos lyk great! Sal enige dag weer saam jou gaan neem Moet maar net lig loop vir die booth vgldenoe keer, lol! LoMari, julle was groot sports gewees.

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