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December 06, 2011




Beautiful nativity! Would you please let me know how much it is?

interested in the the navity scene. (trade)

Love to read your blog and all things of your decoration stuff

I do really love to read everything about here. Great thing for posting this. Nice job!

Great Post! Love the pics of your kids. Your ideas look super, ellecilaspy that wrapping paper. I can't wait to see what you do with the letter. Thanks for all you share - love your ideas.Charla

Miss Emily: I have msseid you sooooo. Was so excited to see you had written. Come see us for Thanksgiving! Invite your Dad and Brother also. Its snowing Here!!!Love you, Gram

I really really like your blog. Fabulous designs, fantastic. Artistic one. How much if we buy? Beautiful decoration stuffs.

Oh my! Those dinnerwares decorated with reindeer and nativity was exceptionally fantastic! It is intricately well-designed and compliment each others texture and color. I also admire how it is arranged and put together.

I remember when I was 6 years old, a boy in my class whose mom bsbaayt me told me that Santa wasn't real. I never believed him and just thought he was so dumb since how could all those presents possibly get under the tree without Santa. It took me until I was 8 to figure it out! haha

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