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April 11, 2010


Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! I would love to know the color in the girls room!

I just love this post! I have been a fan of Jane Moore's ever since the Veranda article and still refer to that feature often. The dining room of that home is my all time favorite. Thanks for sharing and showing the comparison with the photos from SCI.

All these pieces are fantastic !

Thank you so much for featuring shots from our book Swedish Country Interiors in this post.
We had so much fun working with Jane and Shannon on the shoot! A brilliant and talented family!

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Beautiful. I'm not surprised you soppted the traffic. I would have done the same. I too have really enjoyed your Sweden pictures. Makes me want to visit even more than ever before (even the fleas haven't put me off)! :)

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Love, love, love it all! So beautiful. Thank you!
I have had her bedroom photo of the chest and dresser on
my bulletin board for years...I wish I had kept the whole
Veranda article!

their design aesthetic, but on the whole our global style is just that: global. It's becoming more difficult to tell a Manhattan apartment interior from one in downtown Moscow. It's just the state of our increasingly diverse modern life.

Lovely couple, and great work from Olga and Bod.With just a few pohots you show love, tenderness and funny moments Congrats Best,

Hi, I'm an interior designer looking for a piece like this Swedish bench.

Firstly, can I have the exact dimensions to make sure it fits and secondly the price including shipping to Falmouth, MA.

I look forward to hearing from you.
(Love your web site!)

Kind regards,
Christina Romiza
Romiza Interiors

French & Swedish Country, Design by Jane Moore Interiors - Indulge Decor Blog


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Great blog I have missed getting it as I changed address >

Beautiful! I love that verandah!

I am interested to learn the maker of the sofa featured on cover and p145 of Veranda Sept-Oct 2012. Lovely!!!

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