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March 07, 2010


well, i hate you ! officially! i wanted to photograph this house. green - emerald green with jealousy. too bad the house is SOOOO ugly. hehe.

ok - seriously - this is so gorgeous and how lucky are you?!!! i've been dying to see the inside of her new house. it's fabulous. fabulous. congrats on a great job!!

I drive by that house several times a week and have always wondered what it looks lie inside...thank you for the beautiful tour:)


Hi Maureen love this look my son't townhome looks like this to me waazaay too spare for me (no big bunches of flowers) but for them it is perfect. But, I absolutely LOVE the color. My last big home was sort of battleship grays high patina paint and fabrics with sheen, letting my old Persian rugs & art be the source of color it was so pretty. Sendiing love, my friend

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