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February 21, 2010


Thank you for all the background info on the Houston home recently profiled in House Beautiful. I had emailed another blogger, when my issue arrived, to say "when I win the lotto, I want the same decorators to recreate this house for me here in California." (A girl can dream.) It is, perhaps, one of my favorite homes ever profiled. Simply stunning.

loved this! ok - will you give the million or so that I would need to buy all this? hehe. my appetite is bigger than my wallet. :(

Absolutely great.. Thanks for the tour.. I love the shades of the floor and the doors..

It could be a mistake to paint a piece of furniture a punchy color that doesn't appear anywhere else in the room.

"House Beautiful Magazine - Article title - 'Blue as a Titan'"


Great article though and the blue door is gorgeous.

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