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October 28, 2009


I am guessing that the orchids with the roots hanging way out are fake. looks like overkill to be realistic.

orchids are the only fake plants that are great in the house. you can stick the bloom in middle of a life plant and it really does look real. did I win? please??!!!

Yes! Not only did you reply correctly, but you were so quick! You are the fastest blogger in town! 20% off to you!

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My orchid: yellow leaves, no flowers.
Your orchids: green, flowering.

I think they are all "Not exactly real".

Hmmm. I think I have to stop by and replace my orchid. :)

These faux orchids are so pretty, and if you can pull it off then it can't be taboo! My Friday posts are on flowers and today was all about faux... hope you dont mind that I linked back to this post on it!

The flowers are beautiful and lovely for the nook and cranny around the house. Even if they're faux its still beautiful and I really appreciated it and I enjoyed reading your article.

I feel really glad after reading this share because its very good to know about the various decor ideas. Captures are really classy and awesome. The usage of the plants stuff add a elegance and brilliant look to the home. Thanks for this impressive share..

I agree, it's really nice that the felrows last such a long time. And once the felrows grow back again you feel really satisfied..! =) 16 felrows, wow! Congratulations!I am getting so inspired now with the oneI have that I think I might go and buy another one in another color! Buen finde to you too!

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