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September 28, 2009


Love every inch of your home...the before, the after, all of it! Love your tips too - thanks for sharing!!!!

What did you wash those wicker chairs with. I have same chairs in the old form and know they need an update. Your new look chairs are fantastic!

So inspired this morning after being overwhelmed at Round Top yesterday.
I'll be the shop later today!

xo Lola

Beautiful post and love the ideas! You have inspired me to get busy this afternoon! Love how you organized the leashes and toys. So very sorry about the loss of your love 'Reny' - may the vibrant and loving memories live on and on and on.

Oh Cynthia - I have loved your house and style forever!!!! I call it "clutter" - but I love the term "creep" - I love the idea of one perfect room when you walk in. I'm going to TRY that!!!!!

Hahaha! This cracks me up! My mom has an anutqie doll that creeps out my sister-in-law. Big time. When she and my brother bought their first house a few years ago, I snuck in with the doll (nicknamed "Chuckie") and took photos of him in creepy poses around the house. Then I hid the photos around the house...kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, etc. We have a funny way of showing love in my family ;)

House is my hero!Ja nao sei viver sem esta serie, sem duvida a moelhr serie de todos os tempos.Muitos parabens ao site por reconhecerem a grande serie que house e9, sao sempre os primeiros a postar os episodios.Obrigado por existirem, amo-vos!

Eu baixei os episf3dios 20, 21 e 22, em vez de fcreiam pedindo, agradee7am aos response1veis por disponibilizarem isso pra gente.Response1veis, obrigado pelo site, pois sem ele ne3o teria como ver na TV, sem tempo e0 noite.

Your house is really so nice. I like your home arrangement. Also your blog is very nice. I like this so much. And I am waiting for your next blog post. Thanks.

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